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How to Create Preschooler-Friendly New Year's Resolutions With Your Kid
Tuesday, December 26th 2023, 11:40 AM

The Learning Nest Explains Benefits and Tips To Succeed in the Matter

Miami, United States - December 25, 2023 / The Learning Nest Edgewater /

The dawn of a new year brings with it a sense of renewal and the opportunity for positive change. While New Year's resolutions are often associated with adults striving for personal growth and self-improvement, have you ever considered that this tradition can be just as meaningful for our littlest learners?

In this article, The Learning Nest, a renowned preschool in Edgewater, FL, delves into a heartwarming, somewhat revolutionary concept: the idea of setting age-appropriate resolutions for preschoolers.

The Benefits of Preschooler Resolutions

As parents and caregivers, we often marvel at the boundless energy and curiosity of our preschoolers. This is an age where their minds are like sponges, eagerly soaking up knowledge and experiences.

It's also a prime opportunity to introduce them to the concept of setting resolutions, and its remarkable benefits:

Developing Good Habits Early

One of the most significant advantages of preschooler resolutions is the early cultivation of good habits. These formative years are the ideal time to instill behaviors that can last a lifetime.

By encouraging your little one to embrace resolutions, you're laying the foundation for habits like kindness, sharing, and tidiness.

These habits, nurtured from a young age, become an integral part of their character, shaping them into responsible and considerate individuals.

Encouraging Self-Discipline and Responsibility

Resolutions inherently require a degree of self-discipline and responsibility. As your child sets and works toward their goals, they learn the valuable life skills of self-control and accountability. 

These attributes, when developed early, empower them to make informed choices, fulfill their commitments, and navigate challenges with resilience—a vital aspect of their growth and development.

Boosting Self-Confidence and a Sense of Achievement

Each time your preschooler successfully achieves a resolution, no matter how small, they experience a surge in self-confidence. This newfound belief in their abilities fuels a positive self-image and a can-do attitude.

Moreover, it instills in them a sense of accomplishment—a powerful motivator that encourages them to set and strive for more significant goals as they continue to grow.

Age-Appropriate Resolutions

When it comes to preschooler-friendly New Year's resolutions, simplicity is key. The aim is to introduce goals that are achievable, relatable, and, most importantly, enjoyable for your little one.

Here are some age-appropriate resolutions that can inspire your preschooler's journey of self-discovery and growth:

  1. Sharing Toys with Friends

  • Resolution: "I will share my toys and take turns with my friends."
  • The Lesson: Sharing fosters cooperation and empathy, essential social skills that lay the groundwork for positive relationships.

  1. Trying New Foods

  • Resolution: "I will taste new foods and be a brave eater."
  • The Lesson: Encouraging curiosity about different foods promotes a healthy and varied diet while teaching openness to new experiences.

  1. Cleaning Up After Playtime

  • Resolution: "I will clean up my toys and put them away after I'm done playing."
  • The Lesson: Responsibility and organization are nurtured through this resolution, helping your child take ownership of their space.

  1. Using Kind Words and Manners

  • Resolution: "I will use nice words and say 'please' and 'thank you.'"
  • The Lesson: This resolution promotes respect and kindness, emphasizing the importance of polite communication in daily interactions.

These resolutions are intentionally straightforward and attainable, designed to ensure success for your preschooler.

They provide opportunities for growth in areas that are developmentally appropriate for their age while fostering positive character traits and essential life skills.

Involving Parents and Caregivers

The journey of preschooler-friendly New Year's resolutions is a collaborative one, with parents and caregivers playing a vital role in supporting and guiding these young resolution-setters. 

Here's how you can actively engage in your child's resolution-making process and create a nurturing environment that fosters growth:

Influence Their Behavior Through Your Actions

As the trusted adults in a preschooler's life, parents and caregivers have a unique role in guiding them through their resolution journey. Here's how you can be a positive influence:

  • Listen and Encourage: Listen to your child's resolutions attentively. Encourage them to express their thoughts and feelings, helping them clarify their goals.
  • Set an Example: Model the behavior you wish to see. Children learn by observing, so demonstrating kindness, sharing, and politeness reinforces the importance of these resolutions.
  • Provide Gentle Guidance: Offer gentle guidance when needed, helping them break their resolutions into manageable steps and reminding them of their goals when challenges arise.

Creating a Supportive Environment at Home

Your home is the primary environment where your preschooler's resolutions take root and flourish. Consider these strategies to create an environment that nurtures their growth:

  • Visual Reminders: Post visual cues, such as charts or drawings, that showcase their resolutions. These serve as friendly reminders and motivators.
  • Routine Integration: Weave resolution-related activities into your daily routine. For instance, if the resolution is about trying new foods, plan a weekly family taste-test night.

Tracking Progress and Celebrating Small Victories

Preschoolers thrive on positive reinforcement, so tracking their progress and celebrating their achievements is paramount:

  • Progress Charts: Create a visual progress chart where your child can mark each milestone or success. This tangible record serves as a powerful motivator.
  • Celebrate Small Victories: Celebrate each small victory enthusiastically. Whether it's sharing a toy or trying a new food, acknowledge their efforts and the positive impact of their actions.
  • Rewards of Praise: Offer praise and encouragement as rewards. Verbal affirmations and affectionate words go a long way in boosting your child's confidence.


Helping children set New Year's resolutions is a heartwarming practice that offers a wealth of benefits for our little ones and their development. 

Plus, preschooler-friendly resolutions offer an opportunity for families to come together on a shared journey of growth and learning.

By combining efforts with an appropriate learning environment at school, traditions like this guarantee a holistic approach to children’s growth and development for a lifetime of personal and professional success.

About The Learning Nest

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