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The Learning Nest Shares Tips to Choose the Best Program for Your Kids
Saturday, March 25th 2023, 5:00 PM

How to Choose the Right Kindergarten Program for Kids.

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Kindergarten is the foundation of your child’s education, socialization, and development, which makes it one of the most important decisions you will have to make as a parent. 

When choosing a kindergarten program for your kid, it is important that you take your time to carefully select the best choice available, to ensure that you are giving your child a firm foundation. 

How to Choose the Best Kindergarten Program for Your Kid

Choosing a kindergarten program for your kid can be a daunting task, especially in Florida, where you have so many options. 

In this article, The Learning Nest Preschool Montessori shares some essential tips to help you choose the best program for your ward, which include the following:

1. Identify What You Need for Your Child

Do you want a flexible curriculum that allows your child to try different things, or would you prefer a more streamlined and rigorous curriculum? Does your child cope well with group work and collaboration, or do they work better alone?

Identifying these needs will guide your decision and ensure that you choose the program that best suits you and your child’s needs. 

2. Consider the classroom size

The classroom size plays a vital role in determining how well your child will learn. A small, intimate classroom can enable each child to have a healthy relationship with their teacher. Also, the teacher can pay attention to each child, identify their peculiar needs and tailor their activities to address them.

3. Pay Attention to the Curriculum

A standard curriculum is one that covers both foundational and extracurricular activities. Ensure that the school you choose has a well-rounded curriculum that allows your child to have a balanced education. The curriculum should include other activities such as language, art, and social-emotional activities.  

4. Consider the Teachers’ Attitude

 Since the teachers will be the primary caretaker of your child in the school, it is essential that they maintain a good attitude toward all the kids in their care.

You want to ensure that the school’s teachers are enthusiastic about their jobs and are interested in helping your kid to learn and grow.

Having an enthusiastic teacher who pays attention to details will also help your child have a more effortless learning experience. 

5. Are There Opportunities for Parents to be Involved?

Parents' involvement is important in a child’s learning and development, especially during the foundation level.

A good school should have a well-rounded program that allows open communication between the management and the parents. 

There should also be activities that will enable parents to network, get to know each other, and engage in activities that will benefit the school and their kids. 

6. Are There Provisions for Extra Assistance?

Children learn and develop at different rates. Some kids are very fast learners, while some are average learners, and others are slow learners. 

If your child needs special support either as a fast or a slow learner, make this concern known to the school and see if there are programs to assist such students.

Also, ensure that the school structures its classroom lessons and activities to support your child’s learning speed. 

7. Visit the School and Talk to the Parents

Before you decide on the kindergarten you want to enroll your child in, you should visit the school and take a tour. 

During the tour, check out the classrooms, the playground, and other important parts of the facility. 

Also, talk to current parents in the school and build a relationship with them. Ask them why they choose the school and what they like about their program.

The Learning Nest Preschool Montessori, Miami, FL

The Learning Nest Preschool Montessori is a Bilingual kindergarten program in Miami, FL, set up to give kids between the ages of 18 months and 6 years a firm foundation through an inclusive curriculum, class activities, and social programs.

With a conducive learning environment, a robust curriculum, access to modern technology, and qualified and enthusiastic teachers, The Learning Nest has positioned itself as the best option to give your child the perfect kindergarten experience.

The Learning Nest Kindergarten Program

At the Learning Nest Preschool Montessori, they maintain a program that helps your child academically, socially, and culturally. They also operate a Bilingual system to encourage the students to learn their language and embrace their backgrounds. 

The Learning Nest Preschool Montessori program for children between 18 months and six years includes the following: 

1. Practical Life

Your kids will learn the basic skills they need to participate in daily activities through practical life classes. They will learn skills to help them become independent and self-sufficient and maintain order and control. They will also learn how to take care of themselves and their environment.  

2. Language

Language development is essential during a child’s early age, which is why it is an important program at the Learning Nest. 

From their very early stage, the teacher will engage your kids in conversations and activities to help them develop their language skills.

Using Montessori materials, your kids will learn to identify objects, know new words and enrich their vocabulary. They will also learn to read, write and understand the meaning of words.

3. Social Skills

The school is one of the first social environments for kids, so it is important that they learn the basic skills of relating and collaborating with other kids. 

Through class activities and assignments, your kids will learn to complete tasks independently and collaborate with others. 

They will also learn social skills such as respecting each other, talking politely, and taking permission. 

4. Motor Development and Problem-Solving

Through simple daily activities such as collecting, counting, sorting, and classifying, kids will develop their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. They will also engage in outdoor activities, such as jumping, swimming, and running, to help develop their motor skills. 

5. Mathematics

Kids between three to six years old will learn simple mathematics and solve exercises to help develop their critical thinking skills and prepare them ahead for more complex activities in the future. 

6. Cultural Activities

At The Learning Nest, your kids will engage in activities such as language, music, geography, art, and Spanish, to expose them to their cultural background. 

For more information about their programs, contact The Learning Nest at 786-442-3629 or visit their website.

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